Serving Suggestions

Balsamic Vinegars

Of course they all go nicely over salad greens, however the possibilities are endless! Pour over fruit, on ice cream, yogurt, use as a marinade, and even drizzle over roasted vegetables. Deglaze, caramelize, or reduce down. Another great use is add to any plain seltzer water, and jazz up cocktails instead of juice.

Olive Oils-Extra Virgin and Infused

They all mix well with any of our balsamics to make a great salad dressing or marinade. Additionally, you can sauté with them, add them on any poultry or meat, in soups, rice, stuffing, potatoes, dip bread in, toss over pasta. Drizzle your favorite flavor over a bowl of popcorn. You can even use for baking, or substitute anything you might use butter for.


Balsamic Vinegar over Fruit