What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Oil Pouring into BottleExtra Virgin Olive Oil is fresh picked olives, crushed at the time of harvest with no additives, other oils or preservatives. Simply put its just crushed olives, nothing else! When shopping for Extra Virgin Olive Oil one of the most important things to look for is the crush date (when it was harvested). Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best compared to a piece of fresh seasonal fruit. You will want to consume the freshest harvest possible in that it contains the most flavor and nutrients. Over time it will decrease in flavor and lose the health benefits found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Since the olives are harvested twice a year, The Shoreline Vine will always offer the freshest and healthiest Extra Virgin Olive Oil you can buy in the United States.

Northern Hemisphere (Mediterranean & California) olives are crushed in the Fall. Southern Hemisphere (Australia & Chile) olives are crushed in the Spring.

There are low to no regulations for Olive Oil therefore oils bought in the supermarket (a high percentage of them) that are labeled as “Extra Virgin” are NOT even if the label reads otherwise. Be sure to check for a recent crush date vs. expiration date, variety of olive, country of origin, and make sure to look for a dark glass bottle. Every bottle of Olive Oil we carry meets these standards and we are happy to show you around and have you taste all the wonderful, fresh products we have to offer!

Below take a look at all the healthy benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and how you can incorporate uses into your everyday life.

Poster with Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil